Monday, 9 April 2018

Food Arrangements (Regional Qualifier 1)

Further to comments voiced by some members about the breakfast option which was offered by the Woodcocks venue and the start time not allowing for this option our Regional Secretary and member of The Lincoln Branleys who plays out of this venue has had a conversation with the Landlord/Landlady of the pub

And they have agreed on this one occasion, because of the event being staged there and the time constrictions, to allow players to bring their own packed lunches (which can be consumed at the venue but obviously NOT taken inside)

But this DOES NOT give ANYONE the right to bring and consume their own alcohol (or alcohol won in a raffle) that day or any other. So the only alcohol you can consume is that which has been purchased at The Woodcocks

 Now it is very unusual for a venue that serves food to allow this but with their lunchtime trade and the popularity with families etc we the committee feel most strongly that this is a generosity that should not be abused and place The Lincoln Branleys Club in an awkward position. I hope this is an acceptable solution to all, especially those with special dietary needs. I would like to thank you all in advance for your compliance