NO PAYMENT required meantime

In light of continued and increasingly impactful measures relating to the Covid-19 breakout, and the possible economic impact upon both current, and potential members, the East Midlands Petanque Committee have taken the decision to allow entries to the Regional Qualifiers to continue up to 29th March as planned, but WITHOUT necessitating payment at this time

As small businesses and the self employed begin to feel the effects of the most recent measures, the RMC feel that insisting upon full payment by the end of March could have caused further unwanted pressures on our friends and colleagues, and from a competition perspective, result in fewer entries

Instead, if and when a confirmed date for the first qualifier is announced, the RMC have instead decided that entrance fees will be payable no later than 7 days in advance of that first qualifying date

By relaxing the requirement to pay ‘up front' at this time, the Regional Management Committee are hopeful that those potential entrants who may have experienced difficulty in committing themselves to entering the competition in these difficult times may now be more confident in doing so. Whilst there are no guarantees, the RMC are hopeful that at the point of resumption of our sport, Government measures announced recently to support those affected most by the restrictions will have eased the financial burden and make it once again affordable to participate

Thank you to those who have already made payment for their entries; there are no plans to return these at present, unless of course the event is forcibly cancelled in the future, or rearranged dates mean your team is no longer able to enter, at which point your fees will be refunded

Further information will of course follow as and when we have any!
Stay safe

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