National / International Event Guide


EPA = English Petanque Association (the governing body for England)
CEP = Confédération Européenne de Pétanque (the European governing body)
FIJPJ = Fédération Internationale de Pétanque et Jeu Provençal (the World governing body)

The chart attempts to map the national event structure into the European and World competition programme. Broadly speaking the sport has historically been dominated by Mens Triples - and triples remains the marquee form of the game.

The CEP have been more innovative with their relatively recent promotion of Junior and Club, Womens, Espoirs and Veterans triples events. The FIPJP were arguably bounced into a World Singles title for 2015 following the success of the 1st International Tête à Tête Trophy Henri Bernard in 2014. This was won inevitably by the deceptively casual Dylan Rocher conceding only 21 points in five group matches and a mere 12 in the crucial four knock out rounds. Although there are no official World or European doubles titles, the pairs form of the game has entrenched popularity

Further details of the World and European picture can be found on the respective websites (see Links page). The FIJPJ website is disappointingly short on information and currency - the medal table, for example, runs only to 2010. The CEP website is a different story having recently been updated to include a lot of interesting detail

The English event structure is complex with several annual Triples titles:
- the 'top prize' is achieved by winning the EPA Triples series of events (and by doing so qualifying to represent England in either the European or World Championships which alternate bienially)
- another title is the Champion of Champions, entry to which is gained by finishing 1st or 2nd in your Regional Triples
- a further accolade is becoming overall 'top triple' at the annual flagship event, the Inter Regional Championships
- yet another honour is that of winning the Home Nations Qualifying competition from which the top 8 teams represent England against Scotland and Wales
- and if you're over 55 there is the chance every 2 years of winning the Veterans Triples to represent England in the CEP Veterans Championships

The EPA calendar is a fairly comprehensive record of events since November 2009 give-or-take the odd cancellation, postponement or unspecified venue. Titles and formats of competitions have inevitably evolved over time and the table seeks to introduce a degree of standardisation. Unavoidable ambiguity surrounds the use of the term 'qualifying' since this can refer to a national event leading to an International tournament but may also refer to the initial stage(s) of an International event. The EuroCup can be difficult to follow because this annual club event lasts for around 16 months which gives rise to overlaps - hence the use of two columns in the chart. So, for example the 2015 competition began in August 2014 before the 2014 competition itself had culminated in the Finals at the end of November ... where the winners AS Bocciofila Taggese (Italy) and runners up CB Monégasque (Monaco) relegated the French club Metz Ronde into third place

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