J J attended the NYS try-outs back around 2016 he very narrowly missed out on a place in the B Squad. We did not see J J again until the early 2020 NYA Open Coaching Day, he shone at the session and really caught the eye of the selectors who were not only coaching but taking notes for the upcoming selection day. His control using the high lob was especially impressive.

Before J J had chance to make his mark at the selection day Covid-19 struck and events were cancelled. He did however, later that year get selected for the NYS and subsequently after showing much promise and ability at squad training days got selected for the Boys European Championships (postponed to June 2021 )

J J suffered another blow early in the year finding out the event had been cancelled again due to Covid-19. Once again though luck was with him as news reached us the event was being postponed until later in the year. J J has proved to be a great squad member with his upbeat attitude, he is a motivator within the team and continues to be dedicated to his training and strives to improve and achieve. The coaching team are looking forward to working with J J in the run up to his first International representation for England.

(Write up by kind permission of Toni Gates National Youth Academy Leader)

Also thanks to John Edmondson/Michelle Roe for supplying a photo and their continuous work with J J.

Finally we would like to add that playing alongside Baillie Inglis they won the NYS Doubles which we are sure was a very proud moment for J J the region is very proud of your efforts and delighted that you now join a long list of East Midlands Juniors who have gone before you.

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