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About The Game

Interested in learning more about Petanque?

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Pétanque is pronounced as 'Pet-onk', and is also known as boules. It is a sport that is enjoyed by all, from those who enjoy the game socially to those that want to compete internationally at elite level.

The game is played with hollow steel balls known as boule and a small wooden jack or 'coche'. The game is usually played outdoors on gravel topped terrain with the main aim of the game being the first to reach thirteen points.

Rules of the Game

Objective: Petanque is a game usually played outside where the opposing team tries to reach thirteen points before the other team.


Aim: The aim of the game is to throw your boule as close to the jack as possible from the starting circle. The game can be played from a distance of 6-10 meters from the starting circle. You can also 'shoot' out the other players boule using your boule to knock theirs out of the way. Often in teams you'll have a 'pointer' and a 'shooter' with the pointers role to get the boule as closed to the jack as possible and the shooter's role to knock the opponents boule out of the way.  


Players: The game consists of two opposing teams. The teams can either be played alone or can be can played as part of a team. The teams can be made up of two or three players, this is known as 'Doubles' or 'Triples' 

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